Coming Light

When shooting outdoor photography knowing the light that awaits you at the destination can make the difference between mediocre and outstanding photos. Golden hour is a magical time of day where the light is perfect for portraits and photographing autumn leaves. Blue hour provides wondrous cityscapes and urban images. Star photography needs the sun out of way to let the stars shine through.

Coming Light tells you when the sun will be right for photography on your next outdoor excursion. See the times of the transitions of light from twilight, blue hour, and golden hour in both the morning and evening. You can see how long until the light reaches the correct position and set reminders to alert you when the time approaches and see the direction of light from the location.

Plan your outdoor shoots with Coming Light.

Coming Light App

Idea for photographers and anyone who loves the outdoors.

Find the best time for your sunrise photo. See how long you can continue your hike before sunset.

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